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If you have been looking for an online Voiceover Training Programme then look no further. You've found it! Over the course of 4 weeks we will explore multiple aspects of the voiceover world and the role of the voiceover artist. You'll have the opportunity, in a private group, to identify where you fit in voiceover and how to make the most of your voice. The programme caters for all levels of ability and whilst it does cover the basics, there are also some gems in there for the seasoned professional!

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Take your Voiceover Career to the next level...

  • Practical expert advice from those working in the industry
  • Create, develop and sustain a VO career
  • Make the most of your voice-reel in just 15 mins a day
  • Get your VO career on track
  • Learn how to find work in all areas of voiceover
  • Practical exercises to improve your voiceover technique
  • Home studio essentials
  • Promotion and branding advice

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Guy, BRILLIANT, for the jobbing Voiceovers of us the modules were short and concise and packed with advice, direction and information

Patrick Mckenzie

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I love the new site! It’s fantastic! I met Guy about five years ago in one of his workshops and have so far done Kickstart 1 and 2. It set me off on a consistent voiceover career! Looking forward to what’s to come!

Stella Stocker

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What a gem of a course Voiceover Kickstart is! Take it from an old dinosaur like me – I’ve been mightily blessed and very successful in this business of voice overs for 35 years so far…I truly wish this course had been available at the start of my career! Voiceover Kickstart, where have you been all my life?

Gabriel Porras

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How does it work?

From the very first day your programme begins, we will take you on a journey through the world of the modern-day Voiceover Artist.

Over the 4 weeks, you will have access to new material each day covering the essential knowledge and skills. From setting up a voiceover business through to finding work opportunities in voiceover, microphone techniques and creating a home studio, this programme will answer many of the questions you might have about a career as a VO. Not just for beginners, the programme also helps established artists focus and expand their business. There's even opportunity to work as a group in the practical exercise in week two.

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Take your career to the next level

"The FREE 4-week Voiceover Kickstart programme covers just about all you need to get going in the world of Voiceover. The programme caters for voiceover artists at all levels of experience. Even if you have been voicing professionally for a while, I promise you there is something in there that will help you to take your career to the next level. An honest exploration of the work of the modern-day VO, practical exercises to improve your voiceover technique, recording hints and tips and essential guidance on business and marketing aspects" 

Guy Michaels - Director of Voiceover Kickstart Ltd

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The free 4-week programme covers:

voiceover marketing help
  • Understanding where your voice fits most naturally in recorded voice work
  • Current trends in Voiceover
  • Various markets and work opportunities in voiceover worldwide
  • Examples of working Voiceover Artists
  • Branding basics
  • Promotion and Social Media
  • Investing in your career wisely
  • Your Voiceover Website
  • Voiceover agents
  • Building your Voiceover Business
  • Voiceover demos
  • Getting booked for VO
vocal exercises for voiceover artists
  • Developing your ear
  • Cold-reading
  • Nailing the conversational read
  • Effective vocal warmups
  • Breath, resonance, articulation and posture
  • Practical vocal challenges
  • Working with scripts
  • Succesful auditioning for voiceover
  • Audiobooks
  • Voice Acting for Games
  • Commercial Voiceover
  • Corporate Voiceover
home studio for voiceover
  • The language of voiceover - the technical terms you need to know
  • The recording chain
  • Optimising the recording environment
  • Working in a voiceover studio
  • Understanding microphones and the technology used in home studios
  • Saving money on recording equipment
  • Setting levels for improved recording quality
  • Understanding 'waveforms'
  • Editing skills
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The 4-week programme is entirely free

When the programme comes to an end you will be offered the opportunity to continue as a full Voiceover Kickstart member.

The VOkickstart membership started in 2015. All members have completed the FREE 4-week programme. We are moving into the next phase, bringing a host of new benefits:

New content every month.

Multiple practical programmes and modules

A thriving and supportive community

Weekly challenges

Soundcheck - get feedback and improve your home-studio

Ever-expanding Voiceover Script Library

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VOkickstart membership

  • Full access to THE LOUNGE

    Connect with hundreds of voiceovers at all levels

  • Weekly Vocal Challenges –

    Keep in top condition by submitting for our challenges and working with your fellow members by listening, giving and receiving essential feedback on multiple exercises


    Submit your recordings for essential Home Studio Feedback

  • NEW – Script Library

    By the close of 2019 this will be the biggest collection of voiceover scripts in the world! We’re adding to it every month.

  • Programmes, Modules and Interviews

    Get real-world advice from some fo the most successful VOs working today!

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