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If you have been looking for an online Voiceover Training Programme then look no further. You've found it! Over the course of 4 weeks we will explore multiple aspects of the voiceover world and the role of the voiceover artist. You'll have the opportunity, in a private group, to identify where you fit in voiceover and how to make the most of your voice. The programme caters for all levels of ability and whilst it does cover the basics, there are also some gems in there for the seasoned professional!

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Have you completed the FREE programme?  Supercharge your Voiceover Career with Voiceover Kickstart II and Expert Edition

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  • What a gem of a course Voiceover Kickstart is! Take it from an old dinosaur like me – I’ve been mightily blessed and very successful in this business of voice overs for 35 years so far…and I can’t believe how much I’ve been missing, and how much I’ve learned in the last six weeks of training. I truly wish this course had been available at the start of my career! Voiceover Kickstart, where have you been all my life?

    Eliud Gabriel Porras

  • I love the new site! It’s fantastic! I met Guy about five years ago in one of his workshops and have so far done Kickstart 1 and 2. It set me off on a consistent voiceover career! Looking forward to what’s to come!

    Stella Stocker

  • Voiceover Kickstart gave me the knowledge I needed to pursue my career in Voiceover. The Expert Edition programme enabled me to hone my craft and focus my efforts. Incredibly grateful to Guy Michaels, the patience and knowledge he has imparted and the colleagues and friends I have made through the programme. Thank you

    Ana Clements

  • Whether you are new to the industry or a veteran in voice over work, Guy has a wealth of knowledge to offer and does so with ease.

    Eme Essien

  • VOKickstart is a fantastic resource for anyone starting out or considering a career in the voiceover industry. It’s also a great programme for established voices who want to check their career is on track.

    Liz Drury

  • Guy, BRILLIANT, for the jobbing Voiceovers of us the modules were short and concise and packed with advice, direction and information.

    Patrick McKenzie

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The FREE Voiceover Training Programme is suitable for all levels

  • Practical expert advice from those working in the industry
  • Create, develop and sustain a VO career
  • Make the most of your voice-reel in just 15 mins a day
  • Get your VO career on track
  • Learn how to find work in all areas of voiceover
  • Practical exercises to improve your voiceover technique
  • Home studio essentials
  • Promotion and branding advice

Supercharging Voiceover Careers Since 2006

Voiceover Kickstart provides an ongoing series of development
programmes and challenges for actors and voiceover artists. These include:

voiceover course

Branding for Voiceovers

A 10-part journey helping you to stand out from the crowd and create a visual brand that matches your vocal talents.

voiceover coaching


Including Ask an Agent, Producers’ Perspective and Talent Talk, these interviews give insight into the world of professional voiceover

voice problems voiceover

Vocal Care

A 10-part programme focussing on your number one tool. Keep your voice in top condition and ensure a long and healthy voiceover career

introduction to voiceover

Home Studio Primer

The basics. From plugging in, hitting record, playing back, checking and sending to a client. The basics, so often overlooked, will save you time and money when embarking on a voiceover career.

A plethora of other modules include

  • Warming up for Voiceover
  • Expert Communication
  • Interpretation of Voiceover Scripts
  • Microphone technique and optimum set-up 
  • Home studio acoustics - sound proofing and conditioning
  • Marketing essentials
  • Working on the Conversational Read
  • Creating a plan for voiceover success
  • Increasing your income
  • Applying Compression and EQ in voiceover recordings
  • Voiceover Software - what you need to know
  • Connecting with Clients
  • Alexander Technique for Voiceover Artists
  • Improving Breath Control and Capacity
  • Audiobooks and Radio Drama
  • Making p2p work for you
  • Nurturing direct relationships to enhance your voiceover career
  • Workflow efficiency

"The FREE 4-week Voiceover Kickstart programme covers just about all you need to get going in the world of Voiceover. The programme caters for voiceover artists of all levels of experience. Even if you have been voicing professionally for a while, I promise you there is something in there that will help you to take your career to the next level. An honest exploration of the work of the modern-day VO, practical exercises to improve your voiceover technique, recording hints and tips and essential guidance on business and marketing aspects"

Guy Michaels - Director of Voiceover Kickstart Ltd

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Our Facebook Reviews

  • 5 star review  What a gem of a course Voiceover Kickstart is! Take it from an old dinosaur like me - I've been mightily blessed and very successful in this business of voice overs for 35 years so far...and I can't believe how much I've been missing, and how much I've learned in the last six weeks of training. I truly wish this course had been available at the start of my career! Voiceover Kickstart, where have you been all my life?

    thumb Gabriel Porras

    5 star review  Wanted to start getting into VO last year and the FREE 6-week course VOKS do really gave me the push and info I was looking for.

    thumb Ben Mansbridge

    5 star review  Just completed my free, (yes thats FREE) course with VOkickstart and feeling inspired and empowered! I have been acting for 10 years but never had the confidence (or know-how) to dip my toe into VO work. My knowledge of the industry was also a decade out of date! The daily lessons totally unlocked the world of Voice Overs for me! I have learnt so much and really enjoyed having the power to develop. I now feel confident that I can build a new career for myself, so cant recommend it enough!

    thumb Mona Goodwin
  • 5 star review  Guys course was amazing in terms of opening my eyes to certain aspects of the voice-over business and demystifying others. Guy really has a passion for this and wants people to succeed, and Voiceover Kickstart is the place to go to if you want to succeed.

    thumb Trev Fleming

    5 star review  I've just finished the excellent 6 week voice over Kickstart programme. There's tons of tips and expert advice and it's FREE. Guy gave us so much information, from mic techniques to marketing, business to branding and reminding us to practise to perfection. I've got so much to think about as I try and build my own voice-over career, so thanks Guy. I was so motivated by the course I even got up at 5am to record my practical exercise. I suspect I'll be in touch very soon for a professional show reel! I've worked in broadcasting for years and I have absolute faith in Guy - he knows exactly what he's talking about. Book now!

    thumb Abigail Simmons

    4 star review  This is the first on-line course I've actually ever finished!! It was packed with really useful, informative stuff and presented in bite sized manageable portions!! Thanks so much; I'm ready to embark on the first stage of my VO career now, but no doubt will be back to pick up some more pearls of wisdom with further courses. Many, many, thanks, Guy. I've definitely enjoyed the journey! Dee

    thumb Dee Ds
  • 5 star review  I naively phoned Guy one day saying that I wanted a voice reel. "What kind of voice reel?" He asked. "Er....?" He politely suggested I did the 6 week kick-starter course before taking any further steps, which I did. And I was glad that I did. I learnt so much and got that invaluable and impartial feedback on my voice from people who don't me which really helped direct what kind of voice reel was right for me in terms of both content and style. And it didn't cost me a thing ap... art from my 15 minutes a day, which was actually 15 minutes a day. At the end of it I spent an afternoon in Guy's studio recording the scripts that I had compiled under his Guydance. He made me feel very relaxed and was extremely wise and inventive in his direction. Indeed I felt that I learnt a lot about how to 'self-direct' in that time together as well which was a bonus. I'm very happy with the final result and have already been recommending his services to friends and colleagues. See more

    thumb Chris Sherwood

    5 star review  I've just done the double Voice Reel Package with Guy and it was a totally brilliant experience. The process was considered and thorough and the final result is excellent. I feel that I finally have a set of reels that showcase my voice at its best and this is down to Guys dedication and professionalism. A true pro.

    thumb Andy Robinson

    5 star review  What a fantastic programme! At times I found the advice so simple and wondered why these things hadn't already occurred to me, and on other days I learned a lot. I am now looking forward to employing so many useful lessons! Guy, thank you for sharing so much, and in such a user friendly way. Your years of experience shone through and I felt in very knowledgeable hands. I would recommend this course to everyone without hesitation! Tori 🙂

    thumb Tori Perriss
  • 5 star review  Just received my “The Triple” demos and could not be happier. Guy was fantastic with communication throughout and I felt completely prepared for recording long before the session itself thanks to his feedback and adjustments. Having completed his free VOKickstart classes and now recording my newest demos with him. I cannot recommend him enough. Thanks Guy!

    thumb Luke Penrose

    5 star review  Well, I've just finished the 6-week VOKickstart course! I've found it enlightening, affirming and very enjoyable (especially when recording tracks to share and feedback on)! Now to crack on with my refreshed and newly-detailed to-do list, further paving the road towards my voiceover aspirations! If you're interested in heading into VO but don't know where to begin, or would like a top-up of knowledge about the industry, head to voice-reel dot com to book yourself onto this FREE course! Thank you, Guy Michaels for providing this invaluable VO resource. It will definitely be a key step on my journey into this amazing profession! Cheers! 🙂

    thumb Graham Columb

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