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In this video, Voiceover Kickstart members share their experience and what they find most useful about being part of a supportive educational voiceover community.

Voiceover Classes with Guy Michaels

Voiceover classes with Guy Michaels.

"With a wealth of experience over 20 years, I'll help you to take your voiceover career to the next level!"

With a focus on employability my honest, actionable and results-driven advice can propel you in the TECHNICAL, VOCAL and BUSINESS aspects of your work.  Our members range from new starters through to highly experienced pros.  We do not have thousands of members; instead we have a lovely supportive bunch who help each other to succeed.

My personal voiceover clients include: Vodafone - United Nations - Red Cross - Nintendo - Wizarding World - Unicef  - Hitachi  - Microsoft - NatGeo...

13,918 posts over 1679 topics and counting!

Full access to our private community 'THE LOUNGE' including weekly Vocal Challenges and SoundCheck. Submit your recordings for essential Home Studio Feedback

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‘Voiceover Kickstart is a fantastic resource for voiceover artists. Guy has created a lively and friendly community where you can continue to learn whatever stage you are at in your career.'  Sally Vanderpump - Member since 2019
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We cover a very wide range of voiceover career topics

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50 Marketing Tips

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