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ABOUT Guy Michaels, Voiceover Kickstart and VO-Star


Guy Michaels is a highly experienced voiceover artist, producer and audio engineer based in the UK.  Guy trained in acting and voice at Mountview in the mid to late 90s and worked as an actor primarily in touring theatre.  He landed his first voiceover job in 1999 and from then sought to create a sustainable career in voiceover that would supplement his acting work.  A few years in and it became apparent that voiceover was his true passion and he embarked on developing what would come to be one of the most successful voiceover business in the UK.

In addition to his work as a voiceover artist, he is also a skilled audio engineer and producer running his state-of-the-art studio in Cambridge.  Guy has voiced and produced for clients and brands including Microsoft, Warhammer, PayPal, Sony, Nintendo, Wizarding World, Vodafone, Hyundai, Uber and many hundreds more in a 25 year career.

If you are interested, you can find out more about his work as a voiceover artist at Pro Voice Actor.


Voiceover Kickstart®

Guy Michaels has been involved in the education and development of both actors and voiceover artists for many years.  Having taught voice acting skills for RADA, GSA, LAMDA, The Actors Centre, at Spotlight with The Actors' Guild and on university programmes, Guy transformed his teaching into what is now a leading voiceover training platform - Voiceover Kickstart®.

Delivering on-site training in studios throughout London and to many hundreds of individual actors and voiceover artists, this experience culminates in an online portal for voice over training and coaching that can help any voice actor at any level to achieve their goals.

For 121 voiceover coaching see how Guy can help you as your voice over coach.


As the UK's leading voiceover demo producer Guy now works with voiceover artists all over the world to produce the gold-standard of voicereels fully remotely.  Find out more at Voiceover Demo Production.  Strictly limiting to just 2 clients a week ensures a truly bespoke service.


As the umbrella brand, VO-Star® now includes all of the services for both voiceover artists looking for training, specific coaching and demo production, and for those looking to book a voiceover artist for their next media production.


Voiceover Training
Voiceover Training