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‘Guy Michaels offers insights and support that have been essential to my professional voiceover career.'  Michael Feldsher

‘...a fabulous community for anyone in the VO world. Fab content that is always being added to and a supportive, lovely bunch of members.' Lucy Brown
‘...this will sharpen every tool in your arsenal - from your voice to your recording skills (and environment!) to your business awareness and know-how!'  Gabriel Porras
‘Really appreciate everything you're doing.....this Supercharge Week is brilliant!!!' Richard Hainsworth
‘Guy's attention to detail, his understanding of the industry and what casting directors and producers are looking for, is second to none!' Helen Lloyd

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Guidance from Industry Experts
Guidance from Industry Experts
Huge Voiceover Script Library
Huge Voiceover Script Library
Thriving supportive  community
Thriving supportive community
Voiceover training programmes
Voiceover training programmes
Home Studio  feedback
Home Studio
Weekly Voiceover  Challenges
Weekly Voiceover Challenges
Massive discounts  on coaching and demos
Massive discounts on coaching and demos
Supercharge  Week

13,918 posts over 1679 topics and counting!

Full access to our private community 'THE LOUNGE' including weekly Vocal Challenges and SoundCheck. Submit your recordings for essential Home Studio Feedback

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‘Voiceover Kickstart is a fantastic resource for voiceover artists. Guy has created a lively and friendly community where you can continue to learn whatever stage you are at in your career.'  Sally Vanderpump - Member since 2019
The Lounge

Guidance from industry experts
Guy’s experience and expertise is augmented by a team of industry experts across a whole range of topics:

Debi Derryberry
Animation Voice Acting

with Debi Derryberry

Katy Maw

Corporate Voiceover

with Katy Maw

JB Blanc

Gaming Voice Acting

with JB Blanc

Helen Lloyd
Audiobook Narration

with Helen Lloyd

Guy Harris
The Voiceover Industry

with Guy Harris (the other Guy)

Marcus Bentley
‘A famous voice’

with Big Brother’s Marcus Bentley

Kay Bess

The Voiceover Career

with Kay Bess

Audio Drama

with Jack Ward

Pilar Orti
Podcasting Success

with Pilar Orti

Adam Gray

Social Media Marketing

with Adam Gray

Amy Woods

Content Marketing

with Amy Woods

George Whittam
Tech stuff

with George Whittam

The Solo Entrepreneur

with Mike Saraswat

Matthew Lloyd Davies
Recording Audiobooks

from home with Matthew Lloyd Davies

Kate Whelan
Commercial Voiceover

with Kate Whelan

Tamsin Collison
Audio Drama

with Tamsin Collison

Source Connect

with Rick Loynes

Advanced Source Connect

with founder Robert Marshall

You can also access the free podcast for yet more golden advice to Supercharge your Voiceover Career.

The Lounge
Voiceover Script Library

Available to all members, this library of voiceover scripts is on track to be the largest collection in the world. Covering commercial, corporate, drama, documentary, narration and more.....

Your Voiceover Kickstart MEMBERSHIP includes:

  • Guidance from Industry Experts
  • Technical advice
  • Branding and Marketing expertise
  • Huge Voiceover Script Library
  • Thriving supportive community
  • Voiceover training programmes
  • Home Studio feedback
  • Live script workouts
  • Weekly Voiceover Challenges
  • Exclusive content

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