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EXPERT EDITION - the voiceover masterclass

"Awesome...the level of detail and scope of the course was truly staggering"  - Rory Barnett

Serious about taking your Voiceover Career to the next level and beyond?

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How will it work?

It runs Mon to Fri for two weeks. You can fit all the content and practical tasks around your own schedule - it will take approx 2 hours each day. Your 3 one-to-one coaching sessions must take place between 10 and 6 to suit. Each day will include 3 modules and the daily audition challenge - a recording and listening exercise. In order to really benefit from the course you'd need to be able to commit to 2 hours a day. You will of course be able to catch up over the weekend between the two weeks. 

There is an application process to make sure that the programme is right for you and that you are right for the programme.

COST: £600

Duration:  2 weeks

Group size:  6

Dates:  TBA




REFUND POLICY + TERMS Governed by and complies with the UK 14 day refund policy/law. From date of purchase. All refunds must be requested in to writing 


Some testimonials from Expert Edition graduates since 2016

Gabriel Porras - Nov 2017:

This is a great bootcamp for professionals - do not bother unless you're serious about your career. But if you are, this will sharpen every tool in your arsenal - from your voice to your recording skills (and environment!) to your business awareness and know-how. Doing Voiceover Kickstart Expert Edition is like completing a wonderful Masters on Voiceover Development. I gained so much, and had so much fun completing every challenge, that I'm already looking forward to the PhD course, whenever it comes, and whatever it's called!

Sarah-Jane Vincent - July 2017:

This has been an absolute game changer for me. I was a little worried at first that as I was just launching my Voice-over career that this course would be a bit above me. Thanks to Guy's comprehensive and expert teaching, imparting his wealth of knowledge, I have been able to make some amazing improvements to my recordings initially by some small incremental changes that have made such a difference. his relaxed yet professional approach soon had me feeling more relaxed and confident. The Marketing and Business sections have helped me really Springboard my career. It was great fun too. Thanks Guy

David Monteith - July 2017:

The Expert Edition was fantastic for introducing me to a better level of recording quality, technical knowhow and business acumen. The 121's alone were worth the price of admission and I left with a very focussed set of action Plans

Bethan Dixon Bate - February 2017:

Guy's course is SO good I'd really like to keep it a secret, but that would just be mean, so if you want to hear some invaluable advice and practical techniques to help further your VO career then sign up now (but don't tell too many people please).

Hannah Platts - February 2017:

I finished the course feeling inspired and encouraged that the skills I already have as an actress can be applied to Voiceover. I feel my recording space is in great shape and I can't wait to start exploring everything the industry has to offer. Everyday I learnt something new and interesting, and this was always done in a hands on way rather than just being talked at. Would thoroughly recommend.

Katie Flamman - February 2017:

Expert Edition was a thoroughly enjoyable way to give my Voiceover career the once-over - from a vocal, technical and business point of view.

I loved the way Guy used different methods of teaching - videos, text, links, Facetime one-to-ones, and the fun interactive exercises which everyone shared and commented on. I now have a better idea of my strengths and weaknesses - and, best of all, an Action Plan brimming with targets to take my career to the next level.

André Refig - February 2017:

I learned so much. I feel confident that I can start making big changes to my voiceover career using the information, tips and techniques I have been introduced to on this course. It's filled me with a new drive and a framework for developing every aspect of my business.

Melvin Vermeer - September 2016:

Guy is a great teacher. He takes his job very seriously and pushes you towards a level which will make you excel in what you do. The Expert Edition offers loads of fun, great interaction with the other participants and it is a full-on two week course for anyone who wants to take their voice-over career to the next level.

Mel Elliott - September 2016:

EE has the perfect balance of focus on Vocals, Technical & Business over the 2 weeks and supports you to revisit where you're 'at' in each of these areas. There's no hiding but that's the point right? What an enjoyable mix of group-work and one-to-ones to cover an incredibly full agenda - a jam-packed fortnight of challenges, feedback and advice all for you to take away and use to further your business. What more could you ask for? Thank you Guy I thoroughly enjoyed it, it's a double-thumbs up from me!

Paul Mclaughlin - June 2016:

"A fantastic in depth look at the three key areas of voiceover: vocal, technical and business. I feel ready to attack with my plan of action around these three areas and to start creating long term relationships. I know so much more before I went in and the depth and breadth of knowledge places me a giant step ahead when it comes to being a professional VO. Thanks so much!"


Nick Murphy - June 2016:

"Voiceover Kickstart Expert Edition gives you the tools to manage your voiceover business in as professional a way as possible."


Carrie Afrin - June 2016:

"I can't believe how much we have covered in two weeks of Expert Edition! I now have lots of new vocal techniques and technical skills but most importantly I have the confidence to use them. If that wasn't enough we have also been given some excellent business advice and our detailed Action Plan means that I can start to embed all of these points into my business in a structured way.  I can't recommend this course highly enough and I'll look forward to seeing more from VOkickstart!"


Menna Bonsels - June 2016:

 "The Expert Edition has helped me focus much more on what I need to be doing as well as boosting my confidence in what it is I am getting right. Guy's feedback is so helpful and it is also great getting feedback from the other participants. What truly stands out though are the 1-2-1s with Guy. In the same way he approaches making demo reels he gets to know the individual and understands their strengths and weaknesses so he can give specially tailored advice. Thanks Guy!"


Gavin Duff - June 2016:

 Worth it for anyone serious about a career in voiceover. The focus on the voice, technical details and working towards rock solid business goals.


James Gillies - June 2016:

 "If you have completed the free course, I really recommend the Expert Edition. Yes, you have to pay for it, and money might be tight, but it is worth every penny. I have been doing this job for a while now, yet there were at least half a dozen lessons I was able to take away from the course, all of which engendered major improvements to both my sound and my working practice. These improvements are generating more income from the same work. No matter where you are in your career, it is never too late to get better."


Liz Drury - June 2016:

I have absolutely loved taking part in the Expert Edition. It has been two years since I last did any VO training, and it was great to reinforce things I'm already doing, remind myself of things I should be doing, and learn new things as well. I thought Guy pitched the course exactly right, and I feel sure that my work will improve as a result of going through the programme. There has been a lot to take in, and I think it will take a while to consolidate all the new stuff I've learned, but ultimately I believe that my career will move forward - I've just got to implement the plans Guy has helped me make - which is the hard bit of course!

It has been wonderful to learn alongside other VOs - some more advanced in their careers than me, and others only at the beginning. We have all been able to support each other with constructive feedback, and hearing each others reads has been a great learning opportunity.

Thanks for the course Guy - I'm sure our paths will cross again soon!"


Beatrice Curnew - June 2016:

"Invaluable! In a safe and friendly environment I was given permission to play and make mistakes and to admit complete ignorance at certain aspects. Having the support of the group was a real treat and Guy led us on our journey like a friendly pied piper. His generosity of time and information was above and beyond what I had expected. I learned so much and have the confidence to go forward and conquer! Thank you."


Caroline Ashby completed the first EXPERT EDITION in March 2016:

 "Just the kick up the butt I needed! It so easy to just carry on 'doing what you do'. This course has not only inspired me to be so much more productive in my working day, ironed out little niggles and solved long-standing questions, but it's also given me permission to concentrate on the equally important aspect of running a business. That is after all what I'm striving to be, a successful voiceover Business! The vocal tips and tricks have been invaluable and really made me think outside of the box when it comes to my own delivery. Fantastic!  Thanks so much Guy, this course has been extremely informative, refreshing and above all, fun!"


Claire Cordier completed the first EXPERT EDITION in March 2016:

Broaden and deepen your VO skill set across business development, vocal and technical skills. I learnt a huge amount of quickly applicable tools and set long term goals for growing my career. An excellent two week course when you are looking to push to the next level and aren't sure how or where to focus your attention. Invaluable 121 sessions allow plenty of time to explore exactly what you need, great stuff!"


Chris Tester completed the first EXPERT EDITION in March 2016:

 I learnt a tremendous amount from Expert Edition - facing aspects of the technical side I never would have engaged with on my own, being encouraged in creating a plan of action for myself that made me feel educated and empowered rather than at the mercy of a 'lucky break'. Fantastic to share work and learn from fellow budding VO talent as much as from my own work in a supportive environment. Clear, accessible, encouraging - the course fully places the initiative on participants to build the career and body of work that best suits and excites them. Loved it!"


 Anja Jacobsen completed the first EXPERT EDITION in March 2016:

"Thank you, Guy, for an information packed but very accessible Expert Edition! It's given me lots of pointers for moving forward and I expect to be referring back to my notes for quite some time.  Great course, thanks again!"


Richard Mann completed the first EXPERT EDITION in March 2016:

"A fantastic course and one which I will recommend! I learnt loads - some things I'd forgotten, some technical aspects I have always put off reading into and some VO gems I had no idea about. I enjoyed the fact that I was able to work at it in my own time but also feel part of a group. it was very helpful listening to everyone's VO's to see how they had interpreted the challenge. The videos were very informative but also relaxed and I really liked how Guy tailored them to the group. A must do course for anyone serious about voiceover, whatever their experience!"


 Lorraine Ansell completed the first EXPERT EDITION in March 2016:

 "Confidence was the main takeaway from this course. I was able to practise not only voice over areas but technical practical audio skills and have them critiqued to help me move up to the next level. I enjoyed the one 2 ones this course offered as it helped me focus and establish what my main goals and areas to improve are. Very helpful and comprehensive easy to follow course. Thanks!"


 Sam Dunham completed the first EXPERT EDITION in March 2016:

 I knew it was going to be hard before we started but the fact Guy was there at the end of an email or phone whenever I had a query was really helpful. I definitely feel way more confident about the tech side of the business than when I was before the course. It's given me a much needed boost of motivation to get my VO career back on track."


 Ana Clements completed the first EXPERT EDITION in March 2016:

"VOK Expert Edition required me to stop being busy doing and take stock of my business. It allowed me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and plot some clear goals. Sharing the experience with other VOs allowed for some great feedback and a chance to discuss your own thoughts and issues with other VOs with different experiences. The ongoing discussion board after the course is also a huge bonus. Thank you."