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There is NO MONTHLY FEE. This is an annual subscription paid securely.  You can cancel and close your account at any time.


The VOkickstart membership started in 2015. We are moving into the next phase, bringing a host of new benefits.

Access all new programmes and mini-modules

Includes: Producers Perspective, Ask an Agent, the 10-part Branding for Voiceovers Programme, the NEW 10-part Vocal Care programme plus all future modules, upcoming interviews and full programmes.  Once you have access head to THE STUDIO.

New content every month. New programmes in development include Home Studio Primer and the 10-part Marketing programme coming in 2019.

The ESSENTIAL Self-Direction Toolkit - new for 2019.  Improve your audition hitrate!

Full access to THE LOUNGE including weekly Vocal Challenges and SOUNDCHECK - submit your recordings for Home Studio Feedback

NEW - Script Library by the close of 2019 this will be the biggest collection of voiceover scripts in the world!  We're adding to it every month.

Talk to the Talent - our exclusive interviews with worldwide VO talent sharing their expertise and answering your questions

SAVE 25% on 121 coaching

SAVE on Guy’s custom Voiceover Demo Production (currently up to £150 off)




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Voiceover Kickstart provides an ongoing series of development
programmes and challenges for actors and voiceover artists. These include:


Branding for Voiceovers

A 10-part journey helping you to stand out from the crowd and create a visual brand that matches your vocal talents.



Including Ask an Agent, Producers’ Perspective and Talent Talk, these interviews give insight into the world of professional voiceover


Vocal Care

A 10-part programme focussing on your number one tool. Keep your voice in top condition and ensure a long and healthy voiceover career


Home Studio Primer

The basics. From plugging in, hitting record, playing back, checking and sending to a client. The basics, so often overlooked, will save you time and money when embarking on a voiceover career. Coming soon.

A plethora of other modules include

  • Warming up for Voiceover
  • Expert Communication
  • Interpretation of Voiceover Scripts
  • Microphone technique and optimum set-up 
  • Home studio acoustics - sound proofing and conditioning
  • Marketing essentials
  • Working on the Conversational Read
  • Creating a plan for voiceover success
  • Increasing your income
  • Applying Compression and EQ in voiceover recordings
  • Voiceover Software - what you need to know
  • Connecting with Clients
  • Alexander Technique for Voiceover Artists
  • Improving Breath Control and Capacity
  • Audiobooks and Radio Drama
  • Making p2p work for you
  • Nurturing direct relationships to enhance your voiceover career
  • Workflow efficiency