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"I've helped thousands of voice over artists worldwide to create, develop and sustain a career in voice acting.  I'll go through key steps in a 30 minute video and in tips by email that are going to greatly speed up your voiceover success!"   Guy Michaels

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Are you an actor wanting to shift to voiceover work or create a secondary career that utilises your existing skills? Perhaps you've already taken the first few steps but need expert guidance on what to do next and how to achieve your goals effectively and without wasting time or money?

The Voiceover Kickstart training platform for voice actors covers everything you need at any stage of your career. This short webinar will give you a taster of Guy's unique and proven approach to help you create, develop and sustain a career in voice acting.



Learn how to get started in voiceover with Guy Michaels today!

“With a wealth of experience over nearly 25 years, I’ll help you to take your Voiceover career to the next level!”

With a focus on employability my honest, actionable and results-driven advice can propel you in the TECHNICAL, VOCAL and BUSINESS aspects of your work.  Our members range from new starters through to highly experienced pros.  We do not have thousands of members; instead we have a lovely supportive bunch of voice actors who help each other to succeed.  

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You've come the the right place for voiceover training!

If you're really interested in learning how not only to get started in voiceover but also build a thriving and rewarding career as a voice actor then you've come to the place! Allow Guy Michaels, an expert in the world of voiceover to be your trusted mentor as you navigate towards success in this highly competitive industry.

With his knowledge and years of experience Guy has already guided numerous aspiring voice actors on their path to becoming professionals.

The evolving voice acting industry


The world of voice acting is ever evolving and highly competitive. It demands dedication, skill and expertise. As a working voiceover artist himself, Guy Michaels understands the intricacies of this industry and can help you to avoid the common pitfalls that get in the way of voiceover success.

From mastering microphone techniques to refining your acting skills, Guy will assist you in building a foundation that paves the way for a voice acting career.

Trusted voice over coach


By choosing Guy Michaels as your mentor (or your trusted voice over coach) for pursuing a profession in voiceover work you'll gain invaluable access to his wealth of knowledge and experience alongside an encouraging community. His guidance and expertise will enable you to stand out amongst voice actors within the industry and pave your way towards joining the ranks of successful individuals in this captivating field.

Guy runs his own highly successful voice over business and recording studio: 

He has helped thousands of voiceover artists worldwide to get started in voiceover and through this platform and his coaching, helps them to navigate and succeed.

Since 2006


Don't let this opportunity slip away—transform your passion for voicing into a career through professional guidance from from a real industry expert. This platform has been evolving since 2006 and Guy has been in the industry for over 25 years!

Valuable membership


As a voice actor in our membership you won't get lost or feel like an anonymous voice in a crowd of thousands.  Our custom-built platform gives you access to a wonderful private community in which you can connect other voice talent.

In addition to our powerful inclusive voiceover courses, the membership is driven by a community of professional voice actors of all levels of experience

Want to improve your technical skills? 

Enhance your audio quality?

Work on a demo reel?

Learn how to find voice over jobs?

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With advice on finding voice acting jobs, learning how to use your recording software and recording equipment, developing your vocal skills and character voices, learning to market your voiceover talent...there's something for everyone!