Castability in Voiceover

Voiceover artist, Casting and Voice Director Donal Pirie (Bigmouth Audio – Lords of the Fallen) gives advice on improving your chances of being cast in voiceover projects.   Bigmouth Audio

Castability in Voiceover

How to improve your chances of being cast as a voice actor






3 ways to improve visibility as a voice actor

Number one, make sure you can be found.  G ood website. Maybe use of the socials as well. I think they, you know, and I’m not saying which ones, but you could just find ones that work for you and yeah, make sure you can be found  with a good website. I think that’s number one. I think number two is get knocking on doors, get emails out to studios, producers and people you admire and   get sending out there to say, I’m here, look, this is what I can do, I’ve got some really good stuff. And then number three is if you do get any work, you shout about it, but shout about it in a really meaningful way. Find a hook. This is what I did the other day and I got to work with this person and this person. It’s all that tagging, isn’t it? And be clever about it as well by looking at what other people are doing, steal what other people are doing, find out ideas and go, right, that’s good. The way they use their social media or the way sell themselves. I’m going to do that.


What casting directors are really looking for when casting voiceover?

Casting directors are looking for a number of things. Obviously, you want the voice, you want to cast that voice that is going to be absolutely perfect according to what the developers and their games creative directors have told you. So that’s really important. Also, I am looking for someone that I know is going to be really good to work with and that’s that whole thing of work  breeding work, if you are a great person to be in a studio with and to be in a session with and I know that if I’ve got creative people from all over the world who are making the game, I know that you’re going to be on it and you’re going to be great and a lovely person to work with for a couple of hours.


So I think that’s a really important thing as well. And yeah, people that can really follow instructions I think is a really good one. You got to be able to take direction, got to be able to take direction from all sorts of ways, from all the different people that are in the room and your calm under pressure I think is important as well.


Tips on interpreting a brief and recording your best voiceover audition


So I would say that the important things are in attempting any brief is just reading it. I know it sounds so simple, but that can catch you out. Read what is there. It might just be there might be something there may be the picture of the character, but there might be something at the bottom of the brief you’ve missed about how actually sometimes they lose it or something. There might be just be something oh, that might give you that little hook to give you the best possible read.


Also read how they want the file delivered and recorded because I find that that is one of my pet peeves. If we’ve asked for one take, say, and you give me three, line by line. Give me three takes per line. Don’t give me any reason. Don’t give me any reason as a casting  director to move on to the next person. You want me to listen to you and go, wow, that’s brilliant, because they’ve done everything I’ve asked. And I think the last thing, last tip  would be is just make sure you’re recording the best possible way you can, so in the best possible environment, room, mic, all that kind of thing. So those three tips


Going beyond p2p for voiceover work!

Although I think pay to pay has got its place, it definitely has. I think there’s better ways of getting work and maybe easier ways, and that’s going out and know, getting on that keyboard and emailing, know, and the way I like to do it is I like to think about companies that are in close proximity to me. You know, I’m in Glasgow, so I’ll look for Glasgow based animation companies or explainer companies. Then I’ll move out to Scotland and then UK and send as many emails. You will get nothing back, but every so often you’ll get that one or two that could lead to really regular work. And it does. I find that that’s my best way of connecting with clients and getting regular work.



November 23, 2023