Home Studio Advice for Voiceover

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Home studio advice for Voiceover

Home Studio Advice for Voiceover.  The Voiceover Kickstart programme covers a very wide variety of key skills for the modern-day Voiceover Artist.

In some modules, we focus on the technical side.  Access these 5 video VOICEOVER STUDIO TIPS .  So often, VOs working in a home environment overlook what at first glance are such simple mistakes or adjustments to technique that can easily be remedied.  Accumulatively these improvements make you a better performer whether you are working at home in your cupboard under the stairs or with a recording engineer in a professional environment.  Technical training from Voiceover Kickstart covers this and much more:
Acoustics and the Recording Environment
Improving the quality of the source recording
Optimum gain levels
Listening skills
Breath editing and more….


Members can access the monthly 90-minute HOME STUDIO PRIMER


voiceover studio tips

Home Studio Advice for Voiceover from Voiceover Kickstart is practical, actionable and helps you keep the costs down too.  Whether it’s help in deciding which microphone to purchase or how to make the most of your environment, we’ve got you covered.  In THE LOUNGE (our thriving private voiceover community) members benefit from Weekly Voiceover Challenges and the opportunity to submit recordings to gain from feedback and learn how to improve recording quality.

Voiceover Kickstart has helped many hundreds of Voiceover Artists, at various stages of their career, focus and move to the next level of skill, income and success.  JOIN TODAY

Improve your voiceover recordings today with a little help from Guy Michaels and Voiceover Kickstart

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