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Voiceover Home Studio Advice - take your audio to the next level with the help of a leading professional audio engineer and the members of Voiceover Kickstart

This is a game-changer for many members.

Feedback using SoundCheck in THE LOUNGE - objective and educated opinion and actionable feedback to improve every aspect of your voiceover recording studio.

At Voiceover Kickstart we cover all of the fundamentals home studios specifically for voiceover and much more advanced knowledge and techniques for the modern-day voiceover artist.


"Great meeting and training place for anyone at any level in their voiceover career. Very friendly and supportive and encouraging but honest and realistic too.

The platform has really developed into a major resource for voiceovers" - Keely (Google review)

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Other real examples of feedback in our community

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Guy offers 121 professional coaching for voiceover artists on all aspects including voiceover home studio advice

Your Voiceover Kickstart MEMBERSHIP includes:

  • Guidance from Industry Experts
  • Technical advice
  • Branding and Marketing expertise
  • Huge Voiceover Script Library
  • Thriving supportive community
  • Voiceover training programmes
  • Home Studio feedback
  • Live script workouts
  • Weekly Voiceover Challenges
  • Exclusive content

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