Featured image for “Creating a CRM for Voiceover work”

Creating a CRM for Voiceover work

Voiceover artist Andrew Vevers chats with Guy Michaels and Alberto Pereira about implementing a CRM to manage voiceover clients and…
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Recording a voice-over demo

Since 2006 Guy Michaels has recorded over 2000 professional voice-over demos for voiceover artists worldwide. As a pro voice actor…
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How to improve voice over skills

There are three skill areas for a Voiceover Artist to work on. Within each of them are many, often surprising,…
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What does a voice over artist do?

A voice over artist is someone who records their voice for use in radio, television, film and commercials. Although the…
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Voice over industry jobs

“The world of The Recorded Voice is GIGANTIC.” In this introductory programme you’ll learn that although there are plenty of…
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Types of voiceover work

7 Types of Voiceover Work As a professional voice actor these days, you need to be aware of the scope…
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How to start a voice over career in 2023

Start Your Voice Acting Career Today Do you want to know how to start a voice over career?  Perhaps you…
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The Road to My Voice Acting Career

by Liz Drury CLICK PLAY LISTEN TO LIZ READ HER OWN STORY The Beginning I never set out to have…
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Voiceover Career advice for actors

No excerpt…
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Home Studio Advice for Voiceover

Home Studio Advice for Voiceover.  The Voiceover Kickstart programme covers a very wide variety of key skills for the modern-day…
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Vocal Care for Voiceover Artists

ONE VOICE You’ve only got one voice.  Imagine losing your voice……permanently.  A terrible thought.   This beautiful and delicate instrument…
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What Makes A Good Voiceover Demo ?

What Makes A Good Voiceover Demo? Great question and one that actually needs re-writing to… what makes good voiceover demos?…
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How to get into audiobook narration

How to get into audiobook narration Experienced actor and director, Matthew Lloyd Davies writes about his first couple of years…
Featured image for “Starting a Voice Over Career”

Starting a Voice Over Career

Across Voiceover Kickstart’s free and paid resources we have loads of tips to help you when starting a voice over…
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Working as a Foreign Voiceover in the UK

Working as a Foreign Voiceover in the UK, Lara Parmiani provides expert coaching for those wanting to start a voiceover…
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Rodney Saulsberry U.S. Voiceover Talent on the VO career

Rodney Saulsberry has a VO career to envy. Rodney’s voice has been heard on ABC, CBS and FOX.  From announcing…
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Branding for voiceover artists

A brand? But it’s just me! Branding for Voiceover Artists I am not a branding expert. Like many of you…
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Setting up a home studio for voiceover

Do you run a Home Studio for Voiceover ? Tempted by a shiny new microphone thinking that it might make…


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At Voiceover Kickstart, the content, community, workshops and live sessions are all designed to do one thing. Supercharge your voiceover career!

There are no false claims or promises and certainly no suggestions that running a successful voiceover business is easy. In fact, quite the opposite, the focus is on practical actionable advice that if you follow you will stand a better chance of developing and sustaining your career.  To create, develop and sustain a career there is a so much to learn about voiceover and Voiceover Kickstart acts as your guide.

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Online Voice Over Classes

All voice actors should have some element of professional development. That might be learning new techniques to improve the results from your recording studio, working on acting skills or specific voice training for work in video games etc. Successful voice over professionals know this and new voice actors should budget time and a reasonable financial investment in voice over training.

While you're here do check out our other resources. If you are starting out and want to just learn about voiceover or audiobook narration then you don't need to spend one penny. However, if you want to embark on voiceover training covering a multitude of topics, then maybe Guy Michaels can help. If you think you'd benefit from a personal approach then you can book a voiceover career coaching session here. Coaching sessions can cover the technical side of home recording, script work and/or custom advice on how to set-up and move your voice acting business to the next level.

If you are just starting out and want to learn about voiceover then access our free voiceover webinar today.