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From demo production to professional audio cleanup, check out Guy's services to help you move your career in the right direction.

services for voiceover artists


Unrivalled bespoke voiceover production since 2006.  Limited to just two clients each week, this service is now entirely remote and suitable for voiceover artists who can record from their home studios.  Trusted by pro voice actors worldwide. 

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expert voiceover demo production


With over 20 years of audio engineering and production experience, I can cleanup most voiceover recordings.  Maybe I can help you?

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audio cleanup for voiceover


Although I can advise on how to make improvements in 121 coaching sessions (see below), with this service, I'll provide an in-depth analysis and review with clear steps to make the most of your software and hardware and ultimately optimise your home studio facility.

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Home Studio Analysis for voiceover


I'm confident I can help you with pretty much any aspect of your voiceover business.  I work with voiceover artists all over the world so if you are struggling with the technical or business side or simply want to improve your confidence and vocal skills, book a session with me today.   

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Voice Over Coach


The worldwide index for voiceover services, equipment and facilities.  As a voiceover artist you can literally set up your own custom web page with audio clips, video clips, gallery, social links and much more.  If you have your own domain name you can then simply point it to your listing without needing a website of your own!  Voiceover Index is open to VOs, Studios, Audiobook Producers, Coaches, Podcasters and other creative services wanting an easy promotional platform.

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