Home-Studio Voiceover gear – buy only what you need

Home-Studio for Voiceover

Do you run a Home-Studio for Voiceover ?

Tempted by a shiny new microphone thinking that it might make you sound better?

Seduced by the upgrade offered on your software with yet more plugin options?

Thinking that you need to spend a month’s income on one of those thingies with valves in?


Are you suffering from GAS?

Anyone who works in pro-audio can be a victim of what is commonly known as GAS – Gear Acquisition Syndrome. As a VO artist or an engineer you may be plagued with the thoughts above and while there may be an incremental improvement to your overall sound, the experience can come with frustrations. As a VO recording from a well set-up home studio, if it works, leave it alone. Instead of wasting time and money implementing new hardware or software, focus instead on the business of Voiceover.  Nurture relationships with clients and most importantly exercise your instrument . Use that time and money on you – the performer. Whether that be a voice class, an acting or improvisation class or time spent becoming the master of your existing recording environment, shift your focus.

Keeping it simple

I remember my early forays into pro-audio being a very creative time unhindered by the infinite knobs and dials in most software. For years I used a hardware recorder (a Tascam 8 track) and it was simple and fun. Inevitably, for convenience, we all move to software DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) and get to work playing with the compression options, the effects and all the other things that are possible with these extremely powerful tools. Using an early version of Cubase in those days, I think it took me a week just to arm a track and get it to record!

Home-Studio for Voiceover

Some of the best and busiest VOs I know have a great sound from reasonably priced quality equipment.  They have a simple set-up that they know how to use well.  So while there’s nothing wrong with a bit of GAS, next time you’re tempted to upgrade, add-on or spend out, think again.  When setting up your Home-Studio for Voiceover, stop and buy only what you really need.

Now, where’s that StudioSpares catalogue…

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