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Guy Michaels' voiceover program covers the essentials needed to create, develop and sustain your voiceover career. It is 100% free and at the end, you can choose whether or not you want to continue the journey with full membership from Voiceover Kickstart. Like many hundreds before you, see the world of the voiceover artist open up through the daily videos from an industry leader.

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The Recorded Voice is suitable for Voiceovers at all levels

So, you want to be a voice actor?

Or maybe you already are one? A voice actor needs to keep up with the changes in technology and the wider shifts in the voiceover industry to thrive.

Can you learn voice acting online?

Yes. You can certainly learn all you need to know about the voice acting business, how to set up a home recording studio and use editing software, develop the needed acting skills, how to find potential clients, and much more. Voiceover Kickstart is proof of this. Since 2006 Guy's programmes have been helping voice-over professionals identify exactly what the gaps in knowledge and skills are and how to sustain a healthy career working in voice overs. Voiceover Kickstart's content is not just static pre-recorded videos, however. We have a thriving community, personal challenges, focus sessions, and over 100 live sessions for members each year. There's specific voice over classes in the technical aspects too, including our regular Voiceover Studio Primer, another of our voice over courses available within the membership.  Guy's free voice over course may be just what you need to see if voice acting is really something you want to pursue.  Perhaps you are looking for a more personal way of assessing your voiceover career?  Check out Guy's voiceover coaching in which he can give you personal guidance to make the right choices, saving you money and stress in the long-term.

Who is Guy Michaels?

Guy Michaels is one of the most trusted and booked male British voice over artists in a career spanning 23 years. Having originally trained in theatre, Guy has extensive experience in the voice over industry and is inspired to pass on this knowledge to you. Much of the content in this voiceover course is delivered in video tutorials in a relaxed easy-to-access and understand style that makes it fun while you learn voiceover tricks of the trade.

The programme covers all of the essentials you need to create, develop and sustain a career.

Should you wish to continue your voiceover training journey with us beyond the first seven days there are two membership options that open up a whole other level of voiceover stuff! All of the content for this course has been developed by industry specialist Guy Michaels. He has years of experience as a professional voiceover artist and producer.

How much time will it require?

Well at a minimum it's around 15 minutes a day but if you are serious, there is so much covered that you might want to dedicate a little more time. You can always catch up if you miss content and work through it at your own pace.


The FREE voiceover course

THE RECORDED VOICE 7-day voiceover program (or programme for Brits!) is fully online and accessible from your laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

The Recorded Voice is actually the recently revised version of the highly acclaimed free voice over course, originally called 'Voiceover Kickstart'. If you are looking for an internationally recognised online voice-over training course to take your skills up a level, then access with no risk today! As well as introducing the exciting and massive world of voiceover it will also teach you numerous skills which are touched on below in the course summary. New voice actors will find so much here but actually, most voice actors will find something useful within our online classes including this one. Honestly no matter what skill level you are currently at, we hope that it will inspire you to take action.

What does THE RECORDED VOICE voiceover course cover?


Here are all of the module titles in the course just to give you an idea of the breadth and depth of the inclusive content



Welcome to Voiceover Kickstart - Guy Michaels introduces Voiceover Kickstart

Programme Introduction - an introduction to The Recorded Voice Programme, suitable for both aspiring voice actors and those whose journey has already begun

The Voiceover Universe - Where do you fit into this gigantic world of voiceover?

Everyday VO – all around us - The Recorded Voice is all around us. Have you considered just how many opportunities there are?

Summary and answers to common questions - including, recording equipment, technical challenges, and how much money can be made from a voiceover career



Exploring VO - We take a look at two areas of voiceover: Explainer Videos and eLearning

The typical day of a Voiceover Artist - What does a Voiceover Artist actually do all day?

Skills of a Voiceover Artist - Essential and desirable skills all voiceover artists must aim to develop

Your existing skills - Your existing skills and experience can be very valuable in voiceover

Summary and answers to common questions - including part-time VO work and more



So far…. Take a moment to reflect upon what we have covered so far

Your Voice - Where does your voice fit most naturally? Identify the qualities of your natural voice. What voice training could help you?

Voiceover Scripts - The first essential steps when approaching a voiceover script. Check out our library of free voiceover scripts.

Developing skills - Create a new positive habit to enhance your skills and your career prospects. Essential techniques!

Actions you can take today - Voiceover Kickstart advice is all about practical steps you can take - this continues at a much higher level in our full membership of course



Your career - What do you want your voiceover career to be?

Vocal skills - Your most important tool. Includes extracts from our 'Talk to the Talent' series covering Animation, Gaming, and Audiobooks. Learn the techniques used by seasoned industry pros.

Self-Direction - an extract from our massive Self-Direction Toolkit

Actions you can take today - successful voice actors are taking these steps



Technical skills - clearing up myths and saving you time and money (Guy runs a live voice over courses on the tricky technical stuff!)

The Process - Streamline your recording process

Hardware and Software - voice actors need to engage with the tech readily available at a low cost




Getting out there - Exploring voiceover work opportunities

Business essentials - voice actors need to learn all they can about functioning as a business

Marketing essentials - getting booked as a voiceover artist and earning more money

Real-world - more practical advice for your voiceover career and how to find prospective clients

Actions to take - 9 more actions to get results



Recap and reflect - there's so much to take in but Voiceover Kickstart's friendly and supportive community can help you on your journey

Your personal goals - it's all about you

Overcoming barriers - goals are great but what's stopping you?

Continuing the journey - suggestions for beginners, experienced and highly experienced voice actors who want to Supercharge their careers

Thank you - the end of the course


What next?

You can always just jump straight into full membership which will provide you with ongoing training and access to a whole wealth of resources. You'll learn different techniques and new skills, loads about the business side and develop your voiceover brand and find clients. Successful voice over professionals know they need to surround themselves with a creative community. Voiceover work can be a little isolating so working with other people and sharing experiences and advice can make all the difference. If you are a voice actor then don't hesitate to start off with the no-cost programme today. You'll soon realise why this is one of the highest-rated and most talked about voiceover courses in the world. Still unsure? Check out the reviews on Facebook and the reasons why so many think it's such a great course. Voiceover Kickstart works hard to deliver everything a voiceover actor needs at every stage of their career. Our members range from those totally new to voice acting through to those with many years in the industry.


How much does a voice over coach cost?

 Voice over actors often fall into the trap of spending many hundreds of dollars on personal training or coaching. Although this can be useful, before spending any money on anything (and yes that includes our membership) work through this free voiceover course and the many other free voice over training resources. As an example start practicing techniques with our collection of voiceover scripts and access our definitive guide on HOW TO START A VOICE OVER CAREER. There are some suggestions for voiceover recording equipment and software too. Or perhaps you want to learn what it takes to record audiobooks in our audiobook narration training? Are you interested in voice work for animated characters? We've tutorials online for that too.

Of course, there are plenty of voice over courses so do your homework to find the right platform for your voice over training. Oh and have you accessed our Voiceover Podcast - also called The Recorded Voice ? In that Guy covers so much many more topics in the VO world including home studio, audiobooks, accent work, being an entrepreneur and specific techniques used to record voice overs. Take a listen today!

Voiceover Kickstart does not have thousands and thousands of members. Instead, it is a small supportive and friendly community. Bigger is not always better!

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