Your Voice Acting Coach

voice acting coach


Guy Michaels is a leading voice acting coach and the ‘coach of coaches’.  Many of today’s top voice over talent and voiceover coaches have worked with him on a 121 basis.




Why choose me as your voice acting coach?

Well, I believe the aim of any top-level mentor in any industry should be to empower the individuals to work independently; in this case, to no longer need a coach as a voice actor. I want you to develop a complete voice acting toolkit for live client sessions, become the best voice over artist you can be and develop a successful voice over career.

With my personalized one-on-one instruction, you’ll feel confident doing just that!

My 121 voice over training sessions aren’t overly structured. Your needs are paramount. I’ll tailor advice to you, whether it’s on vocal training, technical aspects, or the voice over business side of a VO career. I’ll help you land more voice over work.

In this ever-evolving industry, with more focus on conversational reads and great home studio recording, my advice is up-to-date and “lived.” As a working voiceover artist myself, I engage with brands worldwide daily. I’ll help you establish yourself and make your mark in the VO world.

Here are just some of the topics we can cover in your personalized coaching:

Core Skills & Performance

  • Master Your Voice: Expand vocal range, stamina, and acting abilities.
  • Command the Script: Deliver impactful interpretations and compelling characters.
  • Nail the Audition: Boost your confidence and booking rate.

Professional Presence

  • Brand Building: Develop a standout demo, website, and social media presence.
  • Optimize Your Site: Turn visitors into clients with a user-friendly experience.
  • Marketing Mastery: Create effective campaigns and leverage online casting platforms.

Business Acumen

  • Client Success: Build lasting relationships by exceeding expectations.
  • Financial Savvy: Streamline operations and maximize your earning potential.
  • Goal Setting: Align your business with your personal aspirations.

Home Studio Expertise

  • Technical Skills: Master recording, editing, and audio processing techniques.
  • Optimize Your Space: Create an acoustically sound studio for any budget.
  • Expert Guidance: Get personalized advice from a seasoned professional




Want to record new bespoke voicereels?

Since 2006, I’ve run, a leader in demo production and the opposite of conveyor-belt-style demo producers. It’s a truly custom service for professional voice talent. If you want to record a standout voice over demo, let me know in our 121 voice-over coaching session!

NOT a generic coaching program

(or programme for the Brits)

We work together to learn what will best advance your voiceover career.  No ‘single’ approach works for every one of my coaching students.  My approach and guidance is 100% tailored to your needs.

“Teach a man to fish…”

I know nothing about fishing, but after 25 years, I know a lot about this industry, the specific voice acting skills needed, and how to make you ready to take control and take your career to the next level. Yes, I’ll encourage you to stop spending money on coaching!

Most of the voiceover artists I work with book a handful of sessions stretching over a period of a few months. They’re encouraged to act on the advice, reflect, and then, if needed, book another session to refine the next steps.

I don’t want you to book endless coaching with me!  With my advice, you may only need a few sessions of 121 voiceover training with me to start seeing results.

You’ll struggle to find any services offering training or coaching in this industry who’ll try to dissuade you from spending money!



Keep an eye on your business finances

Voiceover talent need to invest in their careers. You may have invested in studio equipment, voiceover demos, a website, etc. A voice acting coach is another important investment. But be careful. Though I strongly believe in professional development to remain competitive, I see artists needlessly spending huge amounts of money on very specific voice acting classes and coaching, thinking it’s the key to success.

Don’t rely on coaching alone

Successful voices who’ve benefited from 121 coaching continue to build knowledge and skills daily. There may be times you want a session for specific advice, but don’t let coaching be a crutch. The best voice over coaches should ‘free’ you to be autonomous.

A recent trend

If you’re auditioning for voiceover via online casting, you don’t need an audition director. New talent beware! With me, you’ll learn to direct yourself. You’ll be your own director! I’ll help you develop your ear and voice to masterfully direct your takes.

“Working with Guy was invaluable for me both in terms of the branding, the technical know-how and also in terms of getting the right levels of performance – really recommended!”  Christopher Tester 2019

“It was exactly what I needed to take me onto the next level!” Samantha Boffin 2019

“As soon as you engage with Guy you realise that his advice and direction comes from a place of extensive knowledge and experience (in terms of vocal delivery and technical processing).  Guy is an approachable, patient professional; widely regarded as a master reel producer (as well as a great voice talent in his own right), Guy has a deep knowledge and understanding of the ever-changing voice market – what’s relevant now and what to watch out for .”  Andrew Vevers 2021


Move your career forwards faster

Many top voiceover artists and coaches have attended my programs, worked with me on their VO careers, or used my demo production services. Instead of wandering the internet or forums, personal 121 voice actor training can accelerate your career and save you time and money.

Voice-over demands a wide skillset, and successful voice actors know this. Having a naturally great commercial voice isn’t enough. If no one knows your skill, it’s for nothing. But don’t just rely on endless voice over coaching. There’s a time to take action, and only you will know when. Don’t let a coach dictate when you’re ready.

I work with both new and established voice talent. I’ll push you out of your comfort zone, and we’ll create a new zone for your best performances with your best voice as a confident voice actor with a growing career.



Voice over coach or VOCAL coach?

My work with you would be as a voice acting coach rather than a ‘voice coach.’ Though I’ve taught ‘voice’ for years and have traditional drama school training, I sometimes recommend a VOCAL coach for the mechanics of voice. It’s important for a voice actor to understand their voice, any problems, and how to correct them. There’s no such thing as  the ‘perfect voice’ for voiceover, but knowing how to maintain and care for your voice is essential.