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Guy Michaels is one of the UK’s most established voiceover artists and producers.  With thousands of projects under his belt and still voicing for worldwide clients and brands large and small since 1999, you’re in good hands if you need some coaching.

He’s voiced for Vodafone, Nintendo, IBM, Microsoft, Warhammer, Uber, Unicef and many more.  In addition, he owns and runs both Voiceover Kickstart®, the training platform and Voiceover Profiles® the voiceover directory.  He runs the Pro Voice Actor studio in Cambridge, England.



You are a voice actor. You are looking for a good coach because something is not working.  I'm guessing you are here because you are stuck and trying to work out which specific steps to take.

Do you want to improve your home studio recording quality?
Do you want to expand your VO business? Gain more clients?
Do you want to learn new techniques at the microphone to improve your confidence and employability?

No matter where you are in your voiceover career, I can help.  Of course you can always access the free programme but if you want advice specifically tailored to you, your experience, your goals and budget then book a 121 Zoom session below.  I've worked with hundreds of voices worldwide and we cover a whole range of topics in these sessions to help you make your mark in the voiceover industry.

How much does voice over coaching cost?

I charge £85 for 60 mins.  You can book your Zoom session using the calendar below.

How many sessions will I need?

You'll be very surprised about the amount we can cover in a single hour.  I will not be encouraging you to keep booking sessions.  Please see below on how I believe a VO coach should empower you to work alone without the need for ongoing coaching.

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"Guy is expert in the field of voice over. He takes time to work with each client, get to know their style & range which results in producing highly individual voice reels tailored for the market place. He is meticulous with the scripts ensuring that he get's the best result for the client. Guy also provides detailed knowledge on how best to market the reel and gives his clients guidance on how best to progress & gain employment in the field of voice over. Working with him was a real pleasure. I highly recommend him"

Catherine McDonough

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Well, I believe that the aim of any top level coaches in any industry should be to enable the 'coachee' to work independently; to no longer need a coach. For example, if we are working on your vocal/acting skills, I want you to develop an entire toolkit to use in a live session with a client. You'll feel confident to do just that!

I don't run the coaching sessions as a structured voiceover coaching programme. Your specific needs are what matter most. I will tailor my advice to you, whether it comes under Vocal, Technical or the Business sides of the VO career.

In an ever-evolving industry, with more focus on conversational reads and great home studio recording, my advice will be up to date and 'lived' (as a voiceover myself, I continue to work with brands large and small worldwide daily).  I'll help you to establish yourself, to really make your mark in the VO world.

Teach a man to fish...

I know nothing about fishing but after 23 years, I do know a lot about VO and how to make you ready to take control and take your career to the next level, without needing me or any other coach. Yes, that's right I will actively encourage you to stop spending money on coaching.

Keep an eye on your business finances

Voiceover talent need to invest in their careers. You may already have invested in home studio equipment, voiceover demos, a website etc. A VO coach is just one important investment.  But please be careful.  Although I am a firm believer in professional development at whatever stage of your career (I'm currently enrolled in 5 courses myself),  I see voice actors needlessly spending out money on courses and coaching, thinking that this is the key to success.

Don't rely on coaching alone

Successful voice actors who have benefited from guidance from a voiceover coach, continue to build upon their knowledge and skills each and every day.  Okay, there may be a time where you want to book in for a session to get advice on a very specific area of your voiceover business but don't let coaching be the crutch.  A pro VO coach should 'free' you to be truly autonomous.

A recent trend

If you are auditioning for voiceover using online casting sites, you do not need an audition director.  New voice actors beware! If you work with me I'll teach you to successfully direct yourself. You will be your own coach!  I'll help you to develop your ear and voice and teach you to masterfully direct your takes.

"As soon as you engage with Guy you realise that his advice and direction comes from a place of extensive knowledge and experience (in terms of vocal delivery and technical processing).  Guy is an approachable, patient professional; widely regarded as a master reel producer (as well as a great voice talent in his own right), Guy has a deep knowledge and understanding of the ever-changing voice market - what's relevant now and what to watch out for." Andrew Vevers


Many of today's top voiceover artists and coaches have either attended my programmes, worked with me personally to develop their voiceover careers or engaged my services for demo production.

Instead of wandering around the internet or forums full of 'experts',  personal 121 training  sessions can move your career forwards faster and save you time and money.   Voice acting demands the development of a very wide skill set and successful voice actors know this.

It's really not enough to, for example, have a naturally great commercial voice.  If no-one gets to know about your skill, if you don't know how to get out there and get heard then it's all for nothing.  Saying that, be careful not to simply rely on endless voice over coaching.  There's a time to take action and only you will know this.  Do not allow a coach or demo producer to dictate when you are ready.

I work with both new voice actors and established voice talent.

I'll push you out of your comfort zone and together we'll create a new zone where you can give your best performances with your best voice as a confident voice actor with a growing career.  Get started by booking a session today, using the calendar above.

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Voice over coach or VOCAL coach?

I'm not really a 'voice coach'.  Although, I've taught 'voice' for years and come from a very traditional background of drama school training, sometimes I'd recommend working with a VOCAL coach on the mechanics of voice.  It is ultimately important that a voice actor understands what is going on when they speak, if and when they experience vocal problems and how to correct them.

In voice acting, sometimes you are better off working with a 'voice coach', especially if you don't have any background or training in voice or acting. If it is voice coaching you are looking for as opposed to VO coaching then I can highly recommend Yvonne Morley who is a leading light in professional voice coaching for actors and voiceover artists.  I also highly recommend Michael Hill who is a simply wonderful teacher.  I've worked with and employed many coaches over the years on projects but these two are my favourites!

So if you want to work with a voice acting coach, then please book a session with me above using the calendar, but if you specifically want to learn to improve your stamina and flexibility as a vocal performer, contact Yvonne or Michael.

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Generally we first assess where you are in voice acting in general, where you want to go and then make a plan to get you there!  Sound simple?  It's not really because you will have strengths, weaknesses, gaps in knowledge etc and instead of just jumping in it's important to approach your voiceover business strategically.

We can cover:
  • Improving your recording studio (or setting one up)
  • Noise reduction or specific studio production skills
  • Branding, websites and marketing your voiceover business
  • Running the 'business side'
  • Making the most of online casting sites
  • Acting skills at the mic
  • Script interpretation
  • Finding your authentic voice
  • Demo production
  • Working remotely
  • Booking work
  • and much more...

Other voice actors who have worked with me over the years sometimes want to solve a very specific technical issue or take a look at their career as a whole.  With my many years of experience, I can help you too!

Work with me to become a voiceover expert!

Although I don't run EXPERT EDITION (an old programme) anymore, here are some of the voices who have gone on to develop tremendous careers in voicing and coaching.

This was a very popular voiceover training program (or programme for Brits!). In just one session with me, we'll work out the specifics steps you'll need to take to move your VO work to the next level.

I'll empower you, like those before you.

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Here's some free and actionable voiceover tech advice

I'm a 'working' voiceover artist

As a leading voice over coach, I will give you proven actionable advice to SUPERCHARGE your voice over career!

This knowledge and expertise is rooted in real world experience.

As an established voice across a range of genres including corporate narration, commercial and more, here's me in action:

I look forward to working with you!

Guy Michaels

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Voiceover Expert