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Your guide to running a successful voiceover business

The voiceover scripts you see here are just a small selection handful from our full voiceover script library. Voiceover Kickstart is well loved platform designed to help you create, develop and sustain in voiceover

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Voice over scripts

You can use them as scripts to practice voice acting.  As a comprehensive voice acting training platform, Voiceover Kickstart covers everything from how to start a voice acting through to expert advice on developing a voiceover career. 

You'll find a whole range of voice over scripts in this collection including, advertisement scripts, VO demo scripts, voice over audition scripts, voiceover narration scripts, audiobook narration scripts, educational voiceover scripts, training voiceover scripts, corporate voiceover scripts and more  

Voice over scripts are an essential part of creating effective campaigns that use voice actors. A good script can make or break a performance and the desired effect upon the listener, as it sets the tone and provides the structure for the voiceover artist to follow.

Not all of the scripts in this library are written particularly effectively but they do represent the average voice over script that we as voices encounter on a daily basis. A well-written script should be clear, concise, and engaging, with a natural flow that makes it easy to read aloud.

A voice acting script should also take into account the target audience and any specific instructions or requirements from the client. A good voice over script can help to capture the attention of the audience, convey the intended message, and create a memorable experience for the listener. 

All voice actors who want to develop their craft should be working with these voice over scripts every day!