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Personal Voiceover Coaching

Stuck?  Trying to work out what steps to take?  No matter where you are in your voiceover career, I can help.  Of course you can always access the free programme but if you want advice specifically tailored to you, your experience, your goals and budget then book a session below.

Non-Member rate

As a non-member you can book a 1hr coaching session with me here directly using the calendar below.   We can cover specific technical issues, techniques or take a look at moving your career to the next level.  I've helped hundreds of voiceovers worldwide do the same.  All sessions take place using Zoom.

Member rate

As a full member, you can save 40% on 121 Career Coaching Sessions.

Instead of wandering around the internet or forums full of 'experts',  a personal voiceover coaching session can move your career forwards faster and save you time and money.  If it is voice coaching you are looking for as opposed to voiceover coaching then I can highly recommend Yvonne Morley who is a leading light in professional voice coaching for actors and voiceover artists.

Your Voiceover Kickstart MEMBERSHIP includes:

  • Guidance from Industry Experts
  • Technical advice
  • Branding and Marketing expertise
  • Huge Voiceover Script Library
  • Thriving supportive community
  • Voiceover training programmes
  • Home Studio feedback
  • Live script workouts
  • Weekly Voiceover Challenges
  • Exclusive content

Membership Options

You can cancel at any time, no hidden fees