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Online Voiceover Coaching - personalised for you

Stuck?  Trying to work out what steps to take?  No matter where you are in your voiceover career, I can help.  Of course you can always access the free programme but if you want advice specifically tailored to you, your experience, your goals and budget then book a session below.  I've worked with hundreds of voice talent worldwide and we cover a whole range of topics in these sessions to help you make your mark in the voiceover industry.  My main focus is on your career and helping you to make the right decisions specifically for you.  I see so many voice actors making the same mistakes over and over again, wasting huge amounts of money and time.  It's important to find the right coach so definitely ask around and make sure that someone offering coaching is highly experienced.  I run just a handful or these private lessons each month because I work as a professional voiceover artist. Try to find someone who is a working voice and not purely a coach.

What can we cover in Online Voiceover Coaching?

Perhaps you have completed the free programme and now want to know what specific steps to take?

Are you stuck deciding on what recording gear to buy or software to use?

Do you need help with a specific editing technique or process to enhance your recording quality?

Can I help you with your voiceover business marketing strategy?

Maybe you want to improve your conversational reads?

With over 20 years in the industry and having worked to improve the careers of hundreds of voiceover artists, I can help you to achieve your goals today. See below for more things we can cover in your session!


Non-Member rate

As a non-member you can book a 60min online voiceover coaching session with me here directly using the calendar below.   We can cover specific technical issues, techniques or take a look at moving your career to the next level.  I've helped hundreds of voiceovers worldwide do the same.  All sessions take place using Zoom.

Member rate

As a full member, you can save 40% on 121 Voiceover Coaching Sessions.


Instead of wandering around the internet or forums full of 'experts',  a personal online voiceover coaching session can move your career forwards faster and save you time and money.   Voice acting demands the development of a very wide skill set and successful voice actors know this.  It's really not enough to, for example, have a naturally great commercial voice.  If no-one gets to know about your skill, if you don't know how to get out there and get heard then it's all for nothing.  Saying that, be careful not to simply rely on endless voice over coaching.  There's a time to take action and only you will know this.  Do not allow a coach or demo producer to dictate when you are ready.  

Sometimes you are better off working with a 'voice coach', especially if you don't have any background or training in voice or acting.

If it is voice coaching you are looking for as opposed to voiceover coaching then I can highly recommend Yvonne Morley who is a leading light in professional voice coaching for actors and voiceover artists.  If you are interested in specifically audio books then I'd recommend Helen Lloyd's Narrator Coaching.

What can I cover in an online voice over coaching session?

As mentioned above, generally we first assess where you are, where you want to go and then make a plan to get you there!  Sound simple?  It's not really because you will have strengths, weaknesses, gaps in knowledge etc and instead of just jumping in it's important to approach your voiceover business strategically.

We can cover:

Improving your recording studio (or setting one up)     +     Branding, websites and marketing your voiceover business     +     Making the most of online casting sites     +     Acting skills at the mic     +     Finding your authentic voice     +     Demo production     +     Working remotely     +     Noise reduction or specific studio production skills

It's worth looking at what other voice actors similar to you in vocal age, accent and energy are up to.  Google is your friend here so go ahead and search voiceover talent in your niche.


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