Voiceover Courses

Here's an overview of the programmes run by Voiceover Kickstart

The Voiceover Kickstart - the original FREE 4-week programme

This programme is available to all and is entirely free.  It runs over a 4-week period, takes just 15 mins a day and needs no special equipment.  Completion of the programme gives each participant the opportunity to become a member and access the full range of programmes, modules and our thriving community.  Register for your place today.

Premium programmes

Voiceover Kickstart II - the sequel programme going deeper and covering the essential skills of the modern-day voiceover artist.  Find out more

Expert Edition - this is the big one!  Limited to just 12 places each year.  Find out more


Voiceover Kickstart Membership includes:


The Self-Direction Toolkit for Voiceover - an expansive and essential guide to working in DIY mode as a voiceover artist in the 21st Century.  Bring scripts to life with wide range of exercises and practical approaches.  Improve your audition hit-rate!  Designed to work seamlessly with our Voiceover Script Library - an ever-expanding collection of voiceover scripts

Branding for Voiceovers - go on an exciting journey as you bring your brand to life addressing the essential visual aspects of your voiceover business

Home Studio Primer - the basics.  What you need to know and nothing more.  Confused about cables and software, microphones and acoustics?

Vocal Care - keep your instrument in optimum condition with help from the experts

Talk to the Talent - a brilliant new series of interviews from pro VOs around the world


A plethora of other modules include

  • Warming up for Voiceover
  • Expert Communication
  • Interpretation of Voiceover Scripts
  • Microphone technique and optimum set-up 
  • Home studio acoustics - sound proofing and conditioning
  • Marketing essentials
  • Working on the Conversational Read
  • Creating a plan for voiceover success
  • Increasing your income
  • Applying Compression and EQ in voiceover recordings
  • Voiceover Software - what you need to know
  • Connecting with Clients
  • Alexander Technique for Voiceover Artists
  • Improving Breath Control and Capacity
  • Audiobooks and Radio Drama
  • Making p2p work for you
  • Nurturing direct relationships to enhance your voiceover career
  • Workflow efficiency

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