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Guy Michaels and Voiceover Kickstart have helped the voice acting careers of many hundreds in the industry since 2006.

Becoming a member of Voiceover Kickstart is so much more than just accessing our groundbreaking content, tutorials and courses. It's really about the thriving and supportive community and live sessions designed to help you move your voiceover career to the next level with expert advice and guidance at every step.

Established in 2006 and proudly supercharging voice acting careers, the custom-built platform is part of VO-Star® and lead by seasoned pro voiceover, producer and audio engineer Guy Michaels.

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★  Over 40 training programmes
★  A thriving supportive community
★  Weekly challenges to improve your skills
★  Live sessions on Tech, Voiceover Performance and your Voiceover Career
★  Members’ massive voiceover script library - FULL ACCESS
★  Industry expert interviews - FULL ACCESS
★  Additional resources - FULL ACCESS
★  SAVE 30% on pro 121 voiceover coaching
★  SAVE 20% on the leading voicereel service
★  2 premium listings for all members worth $167 - on Voiceover Index (essentially a free website)
★  50 marketing tips for voiceover
★  Monthly voice acting careers sessions
★  4 BONUS workshops - ‘Marketing Checklist’ Live, Voiceover Studio 101, Voiceover beginners Q+A, Developing a Voiceover Career

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Our voice acting careers platform is the perfect place to improve your vocal, business and technical skillsets!

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“I am often finding that after long recording sessions the quality of my voice drops”

“I have been going through all the studio modules but I want to get some actionable feedback.....”

We Recommend

Our live rehearsal room sessions and weekly challenges within the community

Voice Acting Careers - tech advice

.....a fabulous community for anyone in the VO world. Fab content that is always being added to and a supportive, lovely bunch of members.

Lucy Brown - professional VO


“I'm struggling with the business side of voiceover.  I don't know what steps to take.....”

“How can I expand my client-base?”

We Recommend

Supercharge Week has become a much-loved quarterly event for members here at Voiceover Kickstart

Voice Acting Careers - tech advice

Being held accountable to your future goals and putting faces to names was also great, as it gives me more confidence to interact on the VOKickstart platform in between Supercharge weeks. Thank you!

Katie Pattinson - Member since 2016


“I'm not a beginner and understand quite a bit but I still want to improve my recording quality to match the best of the best in voiceover.  How can I achieve this whilst keeping the cost down?”

“What am I doing wrong? My recording space is just too noisy and there's annoying reverberation etc!”

We Recommend

In addition to the regular Home Studio sessions, members are advised submit recordings to 'SoundCheck' in the community for feedback.  You can upload photos too so that we can advise upon improvements.'

Voice Acting Careers - advice

Voiceover Kickstart is a brilliant voiceover network - high-quality training, regular events to meet with other voiceover artists and frequent opportunities to practise voiceover in a safe environment. Very good value for money and can't recommend highly enough.

Sarah Barron - Narrator

And there is so much more to jump into for just £39 a month

Guidance from Industry Experts
Guidance from Industry Experts
Huge Voiceover Script Library
Huge Voiceover Script Library
Thriving supportive  community

Thriving supportive

Voiceover training programmes
Voiceover training programmes
Home Studio  feedback

Home Studio

Weekly Voiceover  Challenges
Weekly Voiceover Challenges
Massive discounts  on coaching and demos
Massive discounts on coaching and demos
Supercharge  Week

Premium Voiceover Index listings

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