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Supercharge Week

Supercharge Week has become a much-loved quarterly event for members here at Voiceover Kickstart. Each of the weeks has a focus topic. So far we have covered Marketing for Voiceover Artists, Podcasting for Voiceover Artists and recently Connecting with Worldwide Voiceover Clients.  We have Zoom sessions with guest speakers, member practice sessions in which members can share their experiences and lessen the isolation often associated with voiceover work when recording and running a business from home.  So whether it's creating a marketing plan, knowing how to maximise your efforts across social media, learning how to use Source Connect or tackle other technical issues, exploring Audio Drama or more these exciting weeks help to drive members forwards in their careers with plenty of support and camaraderie.

Being held accountable to your future goals and putting faces to names was also great, as it gives me more confidence to interact on the VOkickstart platform in between Supercharge weeks. Thank you!’ -  Katie Pattinson  - Member since 2016
Guy Michaels

Members on the Supercharge Weeks

Really good information about live sessions and I loved the simulations when we role played clients and directors - incredibly helpful to see things from the clients' perspective. And as usual, a great opportunity to connect with other VOs - the breakout rooms really help with that. - Sarah Barron
This week really helped me out and was timely for me in terms of subject matter, with the focus on the do's and don'ts of remote sessions. When listening It's satisfying getting confirmation and knowing that I am doing some things in the correct way, whether that be technical stuff or the mindset required to attain high quality audio. However i have realised that there are areas i need to focus on that i'm 'skipping' over and that may be costly down the line. Definitely helped with my approach and workflow. Really enjoyed the videos source connect and the 'see it from the client side' videos...  - Rob Lloyd
Particularly helpful stuff on sorting out web site deficiencies, seo etc, and it's given me confidence in my technical sound. - David Rhodes
Guy and all the members are always supporting on the forum, but getting that live over Zoom during the Supercharge week was a whole new level. Critical feedback and motivation perfectly balanced. The format of 1/2 hour and two time slots per day worked great. I was fortunate to have been able to join both times on most days, and this certainly helped cover more time zones. - JD Gibson
Provided a well timed Kick and gave a much needed focused reminder on what I need to do to get a business started. I tuned in to nearly all of the half hour sessions and it was encouraging, inspiring and informative to hear various topics being discussed  - Will Harrison-Wallace
Given me focus - Expanded my mind as to what 'marketing' actually involves - it's not just networking, cold calling and pushy sales tactics -Made me realise I already do some of these things for my other stuff outside of VO, I just need to apply them to VO -Lovely to interact with everyone else too, there is a real community feel here - Michele Wood
First I wanna genuinely thank you Guy for setting up the supercharge week. It has given me alot of overall clarity. Realizing that setting up a structured plan is so valuable and makes everything more clear in the mind. Alot of great information, tips, reminders, do's and don'ts. Connecting daily with the voice over community was really a blast, can't wait for the next supercharge week - Marielle van het Schut
Supercharge week has helped me tremendously with mindset...e.g hobby vs career. I choose career. I'm now focusing my mind on realistic goals and being more proactive. Inner voice is screaming 'Stop winging it! ...stop dabbling! and refine tools. Website being top priority. ' The week has helped me to visualise and plan next 3 month...next 6 months and the next 12 months. I'm visualising financial goals...deposit for the a house. is this too grand?...No. week has taught me to aim high. - Chinapa Aguh
What was especially useful to me was breaking down goals into sub goals and having a specific plan to execute over the coming months. I've always had general goals but have never implemented a manageable plan to fulfil them. I've already ticked some of them off and it makes me feel productive and so much more in control of my business. I also really enjoyed listening to Guy and others, especially the more established vo's, talk about their experience and offer their advice about the industry and marketing. - Mark Desebrock
I feel that it is an excellent concept. It has helped to alleviate some fears of the "unknown" for beginners by making them fully aware of the situation that they may find themselves in. As a group event it also can help by sharing thoughts and ideas that you may not have known could be an issue. - Guy Brennan
Much greater awareness now of what could go wrong, and how to be prepared for it. Chance to connect with others who face similar issues. Help to focus on specific tasks I need to undertake to improve my skills. - Lin Sagovsky
Thanks so much for a brilliant week again, Guy. I have so far avoided applying for any jobs mentioning remote sessions because I was not confident about setting them up or how they would run, so it was really helpful to have clear guidance on how to do it. It has definitely reassured me that I could give it a go though I will definitely try out the rehearsal room sessions first.  - Sally Vanderpump

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