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Since 2006, Voiceover Kickstart® has been a leading provider of voiceover training resources and now as part of VO-Star®, we'll be adding more extremely useful material each quarter.  In guides on voiceover techniques, interviews, articles and videos we aim to shine a light on the voiceover industry in 2023 and beyond.  If you have an idea for content and would like to get featured, drop us a line. 

Guy Michaels

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10 years of satisfied members that have continuously used our skills for a improved and stronger business

This is not just a platform of professional curated courses and tools, this live community will challenge all aspects of what it means to be a working Voiceover artist

Live interactive sessions for you to learn, be heard and ultimately booked

All hosted by Guy Michaels who runs varied sessions based on the goals of any Voiceover business - he is here to guide you


Guy Michaels is one of the UK’s most established VoiceOver artists and
producers. With thousands of projects under his belt and still voicing for
worldwide clients and brands large and small since 1999, you’re in good
hands if you need some coaching.

He’s voiced for Vodafone, Nintendo, IBM, Paypal, Microsoft, Warhammer,
Uber, Unicef and many more. In addition, he owns and runs both
Voiceover Kickstart®, the training platform and Voiceover Profiles® the
VoiceOver directory. He runs the Pro Voice Actor studio in
Cambridge, England.

Voiceover Training Resources

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