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pick your path

Ultimate Voiceover Training with Guy Michaels and VO-Star®


Over 10 Years of Satisfaction! Join our forever evolving platform and unleash your full potential as a successful voice actor.

Experience the support of being part of a community that has propelled and empowered its members for over a decade. Our platform is constantly evolving, offering endless opportunities to enhance your vocal abilities, technical expertise, and business acumen in the creative world of voiceover.



We get it. There are so many aspects to running a VO business that even if you have a career in it, how do you get to that ‘next’ level?  We don’t just produce voiceover courses and tools for this but our live sessions and thriving community will challenge all aspects of what it means to be a working voiceover artist. 

Don't go it alone!


Instead of going it alone or getting lost in Facebook groups full to the brim with unqualified advice, you can carve your path in voiceover with the clarity, drive and support you really need.  We are here to help at every step of the way.

Actionable voice over training


Our voice over training is practical, actionable and up-to-date using real-world experience. Aspiring voice actors and successful voice over professionals make up our membership.  The platform is NOT just focussed on kickstarting a voice acting career but instead on equipping you with the skills and knowledge to develop and sustain in the VO world.

Your expert guide is voiceover pro Guy Michaels

“I started out in 1999 and have witnessed the entire voiceover landscape be redrawn over and over again.  With a continued beginner mindset and a passion for education and professional development I continue to expand this platform to serve you:  The Voice Actor on a mission to succeed! ”

My advice is centered around helping you succeed in the vocal, technical and business aspects of your work with an emphasis on employability.  We have a community of members ranging from beginners to experienced professionals.  Unlike platforms with thousands of members, we have created a close-knit and supportive community where everyone works together to achieve success.

pick your path
pick your path
Voiceover Training
Voiceover Training



If you're truly interested in pursuing a career in voice acting, our voice over training and coaching services can help you develop the skills you need to succeed. The content in our membership portal covers a very wide range of topics, including voice acting skills, tips on looking after your voice and developing your talent at the microphone and everything from the business side to the technical aspects of recording voiceover from home.

Voiceover Webinars


The webinars for both beginners in voice acting and experienced voiceover artists are free of charge, and I offer personalised voiceover coaching designed to help you improve your voice acting skills, no matter how long you have been in industry.

Personal Coaching

As one of the world's leading voiceover artists and coaches, I can work with you personally in 121 voiceover coaching.  In 121 coaching I can help you with any aspect of your business and work with you to solve anything stopping from being your best and achieving voiceover success.  I work with both aspiring voice talent and those who have been in the industry as long as me.  

For more on our full membership, do check out voiceover kickstart membership

If a membership is not for you then you can always come along to one of our standalone voice over classes: VOICE OVER EVENTS

Established in 2006 and run with passion, you can rest assured you are in good hands with Voiceover Kickstart.  Supercharge your voice over career with me today.

Guy Michaels