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Voiceover Artists need to be at their physical and mental best for recording sessions and in editing mode spending long hours at the mic and a computer screen.

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Yoga for Voiceover Artists

"On this page you'll find a taster video from Maria.  To access the full versions working 'on the mic' and 'off the mic' you can join today .  I highly recommend booking a Yoga session with Maria.  She even offers a free trial:  15 minute Yoga session"  - Guy Michaels - Director of Voiceover Kickstart

VOICEOVER with Guy Michaels


Taster Session - In this introduction, Maria covers:

  • Improved breath control
  • Release of tension
  • Activating muscles
  • Suggestions for daily exercises

In the full versions:

Maria goes into detail as she leads you through exercises designed to keep you calm and at your best in a high-pressured voiceover session.  This professional guidance can really help you to get in 'in the zone' and give your best voiceover performances.

How can I watch the full versions?

Find out all about full Voiceover Kickstart membership today.  Perhaps start off with the free 7-day voiceover programme?  Full membership gives access to Maria's videos and much much more...

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